Genuine Battery

Genuine Battery

Hino’s advanced vehicle technology has been developed over decades by hundreds of technical engineers. Their dedication is symbolic of the spirit that is a catalyst for developing trucks that are built to last. Trucks that owners buy because of their proven outstanding reliability and cost efficiency when it comes to maintenance and parts replacement.

All components are made to exacting specifications to provide maximised performance – just as the factory intended. That’s why many Hino owners have experienced for themselves how crucial it is to keep their trucks 100% Hino with Hino genuine parts.


Welcome to Hino’s new Genuine Series batteries – made in Australia to meet Australia’s extreme conditions. They’re designed for more than just starting power, Hino Genuine Series batteries sustain constant loads for running on-board accessories and equipment.

Like all Hino’s genuine parts, Hino Genuine Series batteries are extremely durable. Internal glass mat separators bind the battery plates securely together to resist the effects of vibration damage and help prevent early battery failure. Robust materials ensure outstanding corrosion resistance to deliver longer battery life.

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