31 August 2022 · Driving Hints & Tips

The Future of Telematics


Hino Connect: Future Proofing Safety

Hino-Connect is next-generation telematics; that combines:

  • Key performance data in real-time including driver behaviour, fuel efficiency, driver safety and vehicle utilisation
  • Remote diagnosis of vehicle faults
  • 24/7 alerts delivered to you, your driver and your Hino-Connect specialist for priority repair and service support

Available as standard across all-new Hino 500 and 700 Series models, Hino-Connect is designed and built in Australia with Melbourne-based partners, Directed Electronics. 

Being developed locally allows for customisation and the opportunity to grow in-line with the current industry transformation. So, as we continue to evolve, we are currently working on some up-and-coming features that will focus on improving driver safety, reducing operating costs, maximising vehicle uptime, and enhancing location visibility.

Hino-Connect is all about safety… and it’s more than just a service.

Here is a sneak peek at the current roadmap for Hino-Connect:

Enhanced Safety Visibility
To enhance fleet safety, we are introducing automated email notifications of Driver Monitor alerts. The newest addition to the Hino SmartSafe package, only available on all-new 700 Series models, is the Driver Monitor which constantly monitors the driver’s attention to the road and driving environment, utilising a camera in the A-Pillar to detect posture, face orientation, and eyelid status. If the system detects a lack of attention or drowsiness, an automatic notification is sent to you and your Hino-Connect Specialist. This is in addition to a direct message sent to the AVN, communicating a fatigue warning and re-routing the GPS to nearest rest stop. 

The Pre-Collision System (PCS) alerts are already monitored on all 500 and 700 Series models but in the unfortunate event of a collision, the dashcam will soon be able to activate, capturing the incident and recording it for driver training and safety. 

Speed Offence Monitoring
Hino-Connect currently monitors speeding, which will be viewed through the Driver Score Reporting, alongside harsh braking, acceleration and over revving. Soon, we will be expanding this feature so that Speed Offence Monitoring in low speed and residential areas will also be available. These insights will allow driver performance to be managed and enhanced through coaching and driver training techniques, keeping every driver on their A-game.  

Predictive Intelligence
Minimising downtime and enhancing profitability can be achieved by being proactive, but soon, machine learning will make it that bit easier. Hino-Connect will soon be able to communicate predictive servicing, a program that uses real-time data analytics to make servicing a proactive model, not a reactive model. It considers; engine-hours, brake-wear, the load amount carried and also monitors any issues within the truck. This information is then sent to your Hino-Connect specialist, to fast-track servicing time and make sure your truck can keep up with your needs. 

Enhanced Location Visibility
Lastly, Hino-Connect will not only be able to monitor your truck, but also your trailer, for those long-haul freight customers who need enhanced visibility. It will be able to tell you location, travel distance, monitor utilisation, the temperature and humidity inside of the trailer, confirm if it’s connected to the truck or standalone status and all of the predictive servicing benefits that your truck gets.

If that’s not helpful, we don’t know what is!

Hino-Connect is next-generation telematics and support, which delivers superior business intelligence to maximise uptime and enhance profitability. 

As we continue to road test more features, Hino-Connect will continue to be the business solution that will digitally transform businesses.