22 November 2018 · Driving Hints & Tips

The All-New Street Smart 500 Series Standard sets the new standard

Hino 500

The evolution of the Hino 500 Series Standard Cab continues, with this next generation setting a new benchmark for Japanese made medium duty trucks.

With peerless active safety package, the 500 Series delivers enhanced performance and efficiency, with integrated innovation and technology specs, along with improved comfort and styling.

Completely re-engineered inside and out, segment leading safety features are at the forefront of the package, as consumer demands see the need for a premium level specification, future proofing the truck purchasing decision.

All-new standard features include Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Pedestrian Detection, Safety Eye and Autonomous Emergency Braking. Plus, Adaptive Cruise Control, Vehicle Stability Control and Lane Departure Warning System.

Completing the suite of safety items is Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Reverse Camera, Anti-Lock Braking System, traction control, driver SRS airbag, UN ECE R29- rated cab strength (single cab), Easy Start (for manual models) and ADR84/00 Front Underrun Protection (FUPS).

Even when compared to premium passenger vehicles, it’s an impressive array of safety inclusions.

Although safety is a high-ranking item in the purchasing decision, the 500 Series Standard Cab also delivers superior torque, improved efficiency, all while reducing fuel consumption through the new A05 turbo diesel five litre four cylinder engine. Producing up to 260hp and 882Nm torque, fitted with a true engine and exhaust brake, for exceptional downhill control.

Choice in transmissions has never been stronger, with the 

The gearbox selection including six speed (FC/FD) or seven speed (FE) manual transmissions, an Automated Manual Transmission, as well as true automatic Allison transmission. 

In line with Hino Australia’s commitment to the environment, the 500 Series Standard Cab is the cleanest Japanese medium truck available on Australian roads.

Meeting the strict Japanese pPNLT emissions standards (equivalent to Euro 6), the engine’s exhaust gas after-treatment unit contains both a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system and Diesel Particulate Reduction (DPR) system.

From the driver’s seat, the instrument panel has enhanced visibility, with the 7” LCD Multi Information Display (MID) showing all the crucial elements, from safety performance to driving economy, vehicle performance, maintenance and vehicle system settings.
Providing a constant live time display of driving efficiency, the ECO Tree System assists drivers in tuning out bad driving habits.

The 6.5” HD touch screen multimedia unit has had a tune up and continues to set the tone for the competition.

Featuring over-the-air updates to enhance software, the system has access to Hino Australia’s own application store, with personalised program choices available for music, audiobooks and weather.

Also, accessed through the multimedia unit is the reverse camera, which features a microphone, as well as night vision capability, ensuring safe docking at any stage of the working day.

Drivers are in for a treat with the next generation ISRI 6860 NTS2 seat, which is available for the very first time in a Japanese truck. Offering the latest in comfort and tunability, including a range of lumbar support adjustments, it also features an audible seatbelt reminder and an SRS seatbelt pre-tensioner.

Ergonomics have come under the spotlight, with a wider range of positions available for any size or shape driver behind the wheel, while larger door openings provide three-point contact for easy entry and exit.

The inside layout has been refined, with better storage, LED interior lighting, as well as steering wheel switches for the MID and cruise control, coupled with power options in the form of 12V accessory and USB charging sockets.

While the truck presents the ultimate in its class, Hino Advantage provides the backup service and support you would expect, with capped price servicing, three years of included roadside assist with 24/7 support, while Hino Financial Services are available to get you on the road sooner with flexible options backed by Toyota Finance.

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