26 April 2022 · Driving Hints & Tips

Hino Genuine Parts deliver genuine confidence


Kirk Harrison talks about Hino Genuine Parts and Accessories

You can tell how much a person cares about their vehicle by the parts they use. While it’s no secret using Genuine Parts may mean you’ll pay a little more, those who value their vehicle know the ‘little extra’ is worth it.

When you buy a truck for your business, you’re not just buying a vehicle. You’re investing in your business. As you would stock for a shop or opening a premises. Your truck is an investment. So, what do you do with an investment? You look after it.

One of the best ways to ensure your vehicle is looked after and running to factory specifications is by choosing Hino Genuine Parts.

Each part is designed and engineered to fit first time, every time. Making sure you not only get the best performance out of your vehicle to get you where you’re going, but they meet stringent safety standards to ensure you get home.

Yet there is something Genuine Parts gives truck owners that non-genuine parts can’t; ‘confidence’.

To help clarify what ‘confidence’ means for Australian Hino truck owners, we asked Hino Australia’s Department Manager of Parts and Accessories, Kirk Harrison, to shed some light on why Hino believes confidence is important for truck drivers and owners.

Confidence in Performance

When it comes to performance, Kirk believes this is based on how Hino Genuine Parts are manufactured.

Hino Genuine Parts are manufactured by the original manufacturer using only quality materials, so it’s guaranteed that a component will fit right the first time, every time, and perform exactly as it’s intended and will not compromise the truck’s safety.”

Like the pieces of a puzzle, if a part doesn’t fit right, everything else is affected. Truck parts are the same. If a single part doesn’t perform how it should, or fit exactly right, the effects to the rest of the truck are like ripples in a pond.

When you rely on your truck to not only get the job done, but get you home as well, having a part that fits exactly right is more important than you know.

Confidence in Safety

The benefit of a Hino Genuine Part goes well beyond just ensuring the performance of your vehicle. It’s about safety as well.

“Hino Genuine Parts are specific for Australian delivered vehicles, so you can be confident our parts will stand up to the tough Australian road conditions.”

Each Hino vehicle that comes to Australian shores is tested to withstand the harsh conditions of our country. From long travel across interstate highways, to varying temperatures and weather conditions found across the country.

So, when it comes to getting the right part for your vehicle, you want to make sure it has been made to handle the same conditions as your vehicle. Giving you confidence that you’ll return home safely.

Confidence is Knowing You’re Covered

As much as we’d like it to be, nothing is perfect. Problems will occur. What matters is how it’s handled when it does. That’s where the warranty for the part comes into play.

“You can't get better than a factory warranty, and with Hino, there’s a 3 years unlimited km parts warranty when fitted by an authorised Hino dealer.”

For most non-genuine parts, the average warranty is 12-months.

While price is generally the biggest deciding factor for many, the warranty should be a very close second when weighing-up your options between Genuine Parts and non-genuine parts.  

Confidence You’ll Be Back on The Road Soon

We understand how important parts are to keeping the transport industry moving, and trucks on the road. That’s why we invested in a new state-of-the art purposed-built Hino Parts Distribution Centre (PDC) in Sydney’s Horsley Park, which officially opened in 2021.

The new PDC became a necessity to ensure the constant supply of parts to the dealer network and to meet the forecasted future business expansion.

“This new facility indicates our commitment to our customers by providing faster service support through increased supply and parts availability.”

Confidence in Quality and Durability

Quality and Durability (along with Reliability) play a large part in everything we do at Hino. From the way our trucks are engineered and built, to how they’re serviced, right down to the parts and accessories that go into them.

Every part is designed, calibrated and tested to factory standards, providing premium performance and enhanced levels of safety.

“Hino Genuine Parts are manufactured to consistently outperform non-genuine substitutes and we can back this up with independent comparison tests completed on some of our high volume parts items to demonstrate why genuine is the better choice.”

View the comparison tests here.

Confidence in Reliability

Everything we’ve discussed up to this point all boils down to a simple, yet fundamental, truth of what truck drivers and owners really want…reliability.

They want to know their truck has the power and performance to get the job done, and the safety features to get them home. The parts being put in their truck are of the highest quality and fit their vehicle perfectly…but should something go wrong, their warranty has them covered.

They want to be confident that if their truck needs a service, the parts will be readily available so they can get back on the road and do what they do best.

It’s this confidence in reliability that Hino constantly strives to deliver for its customers every time, in every way.